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Baby Essentials – Your Guide for Naptime and Bedtime


Westpoint Home are delighted to provide baby essentials from Clair De Lune, experts in designing products for you and your baby since 1943.

What Are the Essentials You Need for Your Newborn?

It is recognised that babies need changing, feeding and sleep so your essentials, at least in the early months should focus on those.

What instantly comes to mind are nappies, wipes and barrier cream to protect your babies skin, swiftly followed by baby clothes including sleepsuits, vests, cardigans and dependent on the weather outfits for the season.

Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed is a personal choice. If you choose bottle, your shopping list should include bottles, sterilising equipment, formula, cleaning brushes and a pile of muslin cloths for burping.

Clean and fed it’s time to focus on where your loved one will sleep.

This is where Clair De Lune shine. They have everything you need for a cot and baby’s sleep.

Daytime Naps

The Moses basket or carry cot is a perfect option for daytime naps due to its portability. It means you can get out and about and not depend on the cot.

Clair De Lune has a fantastic Easy Care Moses Mattress Protector which employs a system of layers to create a barrier to reduce the risk of triggering allergies. Treated with Microfresh™ which inhibits bacteria and eliminates odours to keep bedding fresh for longer you can rely on its OEKO Tex 100 testing and certification.

Clair de Lunes Moses Fitted Sheets are made from 100% cotton that washes at high temperatures if needed and comes with the same OEKO-Tex certification.

Clair De Lune Cellular Blanket

Night Sleeps

What do you need for your cot to ensure your little one gets a good night’s sleep?

Clair De Lune has put together the perfect Cot Starter Set. It comprises 2 fitted sheets, a cotton cellular blanket and a polar fleece blanket. Available in grey or white, all items have been tested for harmful substances and have been certified to OEKO Tex 100 standards.

The cellular blanket is made from 100% cotton leno weave which is super soft and benefits breathability to keep your baby cool at night.

If you are looking for a pillow, Clair De Lune has the answer in their Anti-Allergy Baby Pillow which has a 100% cotton outer and a polyester hollowfibre filling which will provide comfort and retain shape.

Getting Out and About with Your Baby

Possibly your biggest initial purchase will be your pram. To keep the mattress fresh and your baby comfortable Clair De Lune even have a fitted pram sheet that comes in a pack of two and benefits from the same OEKO-Tex standards and Microfresh™ technology as all their other products.

Our Favourite and Most Versatile Product for Baby isClair De Lune Cellular Blanket

Traditional in design, the blanket is 100% Cotton leno weave and is beautifully soft.

Available in white, grey, pink and blue it is the perfect accessory for Moses basket, cot and pram and comes in two sizes, large and small.

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